What is WebRTC?


WebRTC stands for Web Real Time Communications. It is a cutting edge-technology which is, user friendly, powerful and highly recommendable standard that offers real time communication services.

Understanding the remote work paradigm - Systems are standard. But no two business operates the same. So, configuring your business model in a remote setting is key to ensuring that you operate from a point of efficiency and high productivity. 

What works for internal operational purposes may not be ideal for outward-facing communication and interactions. We know this from having developed the ideal work-from-home formula long before the rush in this pandemic. We have set up a host of businesses to operate full or near full remote with the tools tailored to their operations and industry

Migrate your communications to the cloud.

Your communications platform shouldn’t be costing you extra time and money to manage and maintain. Simplify your business communication with unified cloud-based communication solutions. You can be as involved as you want to, scale as you need to, and collaborate as much as necessary.
You won’t need to spend a lot of money upfront to implement a cloud-based system. So, get ready to build out a collaborative and effective communication environment for your business. When you do, you will also access high-speed connectivity from a state-of-the-art communication platform.

About Ohiya Network

Ohiya Network focuses on being your one-stop-platform for all your communication needs. We bring you a viable line of tools that integrate with all your business devices and processes for seamless communication. These solutions work for large, medium, and small-scale businesses that operate remotely, both locally and globally. We are your unified communications provider. We help you make it easier to handle activities like video conferencing, global communications, and even in-house phone solutions. Our focus is on delivering a simple, trusted, and secure platform to transform your business into a modern enterprise.