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Designed for Enhanced Business Productivity

Connect your entire business from anywhere and develop your remote team the smart way. Combine your communication tools into one secure, accessible web-based service.

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About Ohiya Networks

For us, it’s all about you, our customer.

Ohiya Network focuses on being your one-stop-platform for all your communication needs. We bring you a viable line of tools that integrate with all your business devices and processes for seamless communication. These solutions work for large, medium, and small-scale businesses that operate remotely, both locally and globally.

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More than a business phone system

It is an enhanced productivity tool that reduces costs and helps teams perform. So, bring your team together, no matter where they are. Give them the integrated voice, video calling, messaging, and mobile collaboration platform.Call, chat, collaborate, meet, and more with the right cloud unified communications service.

Key Benefits

Cloud-Based Unified Communications Solutions

Unified Communications

Address the unique needs of your business. With an integrated phone system, you can connect to your company’s CRM and a host of thirdparty integrations. Interact with your clients and web visitors. Enhance collaboration with web calls, texts, images, or files from your visitors right on your website.

Increased Productivity

Meet the all-in-one business phone system for small, midsize, and enterprise organizations. Discover HD video conferencing and calling features with our integrated WebRTC system. Scale as your business needs to change, including adding users to your business phone system.

Secure Platform

Ohiya Networks offers a highly reliable and secure system with native encryption and 99.99% uptime. Our solutions are amongst the safest and most reliable on the planet. We ensure business continuity in a secure online environment among a distributed workforce.

Make Work from Anywhere a Reality

Simplify your communications even as you make working from anywhere a seamless transition. Let’s get you to increase your business agility. Keep pace with the digital transformations happening around you. Use the scalable, cloud-based collaboration tool. Your team will be ready to show up from anywhere with full team interactions


Get a Competitive Advantage with Cloud Unified Communications

It’s easier than ever to achieve flexibility in your business communication and partnership. Increase call or video conferencing requirements without the hassle. Say no to the high PBX server requirements of legacy telephone systems. Reduce the physical barriers limiting the growth of your business. Access local and global calling and conferencing capabilities that evolve as your business grows. Streamline your business operations with easy to deploy systems. You will need fewer configuration and equipment requirements.

Clients words

What our clients say

Ready to see why we are among the best unified cloud communications platforms? See what our customers are saying

"Claudio and his team at Ohiya are great to work with. Their customer service and attention to detail are unmatched. They removed the headache of switching our basic phone service over to VOIP; the process was effortless on our end. We are excited to utilize the limitless capabilities of his VOIP software product to add improved customer service."

Christopher M. Ihler

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